How Spring Cleaning Can Help You Sell Your House

Monday Jun 05th, 2017


  While the warm weather may have most of us thinking about bathing suits and beaches being just around the corner, all that sunshine might also shed some light on the inside of your home. The renewed energy you feel with the longer days and fresh air might have you noticing that some corners of yourhome are a little more dingy than you remember. And if you haven’t already pulled out the rubber gloves and baking soda, now would be a good time to start preparing that elbow... [read more]

When is the right time to sell your house - for you?

Tuesday May 09th, 2017


  If the red-hotness of Toronto’s real estate market has gotten your attention, you may be looking at your four walls and think it's time for an upgrade. All the hype might have you thinking this is a great time to cash in and capitalize on the equity in your home. But before you jump on the bandwagon, or if you are starting to feel nervous that if you don't sell now you'll miss your chance, make sure you're actually ready to sell, and that now is a good time... [read more]